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Tokensoft was founded in 2017 on three pillars: compliance, scalability and cybersecurity. We’re proud to continue to uphold these values today as we bring the future of web3 to mainnet. To date, we’ve partnered with projects such as Avalanche, Arbitrum and the Graph to help build their communities, the right way.

Mason Borda

Co-Founder, CEO

Mason started his career at technology companies such as Boeing, SSL, and Broadcom. Mason entered the digital asset space in 2013, designing and building the infrastructure for a dollar-based blockchain. In 2016, he built the first commercially viable custody solution on the Ethereum network. In 2017, he started Tokensoft to bring a higher level of scalability, cybersecurity and compliance to token launches.​Now, Mason guides the Tokensoft team in business strategy, business development and market planning.

James Poole


James spent a decade building security software for companies like Symantec, Veritas and RSA Security. While at RSA James managed the engineering team for a $50 million product line designed to secure enterprise servers. In 2014 James entered the digital asset space designing tax reporting software and real-time payments infrastructure.​ James holds a BS in Software Engineering and an MBA. In his free time, James can be found cycling along the California coast. 

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Tokensoft through the years

July 2017

Tokensoft was founded by Mason Borda and James Poole in Palo Alto, CA with the vision of helping projects bring tokens with the highest level of scalability, cybersecurity and compliance.

September 2017

  1. Launched two customers in a single day, starting Tokensoft off with a revenue stream that would help bootstrap operations.

  2. With the goal of better protecting our customers we prototyped and built the first cold-storage multi-signature wallet for Ethereum.
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June 2018

In  May of 2018, Tokensoft was contacted by Tezos to help run compliance checks on the 30,000+ user base that participated in a purchase of tokens. Within three weeks Tokensoft launch a bespoke solution to help investors claim their tokens.
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July 2018

Tokensoft closed a seed round one year after inception, led by Base10 and Headline, with participation from Coinbase Ventures and Avon Ventures.

August 2018

We launched our airdrop product with Handshake in 2018 as they concluded a fundraise from A16Z Crypto, Founders Fund and Polychain Capital.

September 2018

We developed and launched ERC-1404 to enable tokens backed by real world assets.
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December 2018

Tokensoft acquired a stake in a regulated broker dealer with the goal of providing additional services to its customers.
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December 2019

Tokensoft setup a transfer agent to help power SEC-Registered tokens get to market.
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January 2020

We launched Tokensoft investment accounts to enable the self-custody and transfer of SEC registered tokens.
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May 2020

Tokensoft partnered with Seba to launch tokenization services and to later tokenize the SEBA series B equity.

July 2020

  1. We powered the Avalanche token sale which culminated in a $42M fundraise where we processed over $10M per hour without taking custody of funds
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  2. We brought the world’s first 40 Act Fund on the Ethereum blockchain to market.
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August 2020

We powered the first IPO on the Ethereum blockchain with INX. It went on to raise $85M in total using the Tokensoft technology stack.
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November 2021

A platform upgrade enabled us to scale up the number of token sales we were able to launch in a day. Monday of Thanksgiving week, we launched four customers in a single day.

January 2022

We began development of a Web3-based platform to adopt a lean, modern technology stack.

July 2022

To better serve Web3 customers, we launched Tokensoft V2 with native support on multiple blockchains.
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